Thursday, September 29, 2005


"Iam Hunger man!!! I was starving like crazy!! hiishhhh....
miooaww..Im f**kin hungry and miaaooww
My cat says:
Huh~ Im starving as there the right time to feed me eh?!!!!
I was says:
Oh c'mon babe!! don't be that sassy okay?!!! it's aint that big deal right? it's damn easy to get the food to feeding you but, you know I used to damn picky and always got the right and good quality food for you, even the toys i choose the great one!! so be please hang on patiently..mmuuacchhh!!
Hey!! we going to shave your hair tonight,, is that ok?
My cat says:
"mmiaaaoww........yes!!I prefer clean-shaved body!!miiaaoow, miaoooww


penelope said...

You suck squank.

@bee said...

well..thank's!! you're goddamn sweet lar~ SQUANK much hardest thing..uhmm!!does anyone else got same comment about this "suck squank" things?!!

Shannon said...

What exactly is a squank?

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

@bee said...

well,, i could even findout what the heck is that?? that pene+lope really a hot stuff!!