Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kama Sutra

Yoo,..Dudes, have you guys ever been gettting on that "KAMA SUTRA" thing?!!
eehhhm.. I hopes, that you guys got what the "KAMA SUTRA" about or have you guys ever heard about tantric sex?'s just similiar too but that "TANTRIC" much hardest to understand yet so difficult to learning with..more difficulties!!
be frankly, I was madly about both of these topic. uhhm..I am the kama sutra follower as well and i had putting my knowledge about that very well, so no kidding! you can take my word and ask to the boys for sure. they could bitch out what about the level and the skill I was going on!! it just between evil side and angel side Image hosted by !!! and below picture I just got from the kama
Sshhhh..that diddlo really shock and rock and roll..hihiii OPS!!
I had kept the link as well ans just find out here at my reading stuffs..
the last is for the gurls.... my favorite is the ninth position of that perfumed garden I hamsup? Yes! sometimes check out here
Do you ever thinking to throw the sex toy party?????? I had on this idea since about above picture..!!! hey dudes..think about it, would yah?


Mr. Charming said...

I have seen that Kama Sutra site before. I am all about the tantric Bee.

@bee said...

Hey Mr.Charming!!That sexual skil was"YYyowsa!! and so "ehm ehm ehm...!! no kidding :)p

Mr. Charming said...

Yeah, I swear I am not kidding. I can "finish" on command.

Hey, where are those other pictures you were going to send? ;-)

icbee said...

Dear Charming, pls hanging on!!! i will finish it in the minutes!! no worries stlll that tit pic I got!! LOL!:)p