Saturday, September 03, 2005

nowdays behind of MSN messenger's such a huge chaos!! Huh-..I got bunch of complain again during this week..!!about the msn messenger!! there are bunch of humans saw me onlline and give me theirs regards, but I just ignored to give them a damn replied..even just holla back by "Hi" or Wassup?" no even one letter!!
it wasn't myself on that MSN stuff, trust me!! it was my son Steve, he gets excited after I done the MSN messenger for his PC last sunday, and I was damn forgot to reset the things so he just get so easy online on my accoount!!! he was a real bastard, yes he is!! what the little bastard!! but he's a lovely boy anyway!!
what I had to do just phoned him up and asking him if he has bitched to those guys about me!! he swear none!!
and I had to trust him..because he used just care to chatting about on his net mates!!
I do had remind him to sign in by his, he was promised but I shoudln't take his words as granted!
nowdays he still get on my account and drove those guys crazy!! ( I got one e mail me and says : " why you are so mean) why don't give a damn feedback!! trust me" I would, if I could then I surely would,,
oo..this little boy really killed you ego, isn't?! abosolutely yes he did and it was kind of badness!! I can't do any action to stop his manner, as he wasn't stay around..!! just remind you are guys:
1. DON"T EVEN TRY TO BUZZ ME..or you gets a kick on your heart ..steve is a kind of kid who give you a real real damn!!! ( he tune you out and act you were invisible..he took those message about DE JAVU)
2. DON'T EVEN TRY TO BICH ME OUT ..he could give you a thousand of lies..!!!

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