Thursday, September 01, 2005

the another paradise day

Im woke up by soo peculiar mood, this morning, it was nine O'clock or so..just to found out that I was alone!! it's just like a fucking lonesome..I started to cry, it's just like when I was a kid, my mom used to get around when I getting up from bed!!! is it childish? yes, it is!! yes I am!! and I almost chocked myself to breathless it's something stuck on my sinusitis, so I get myself around to be good girl, stop crying and get a lovely breakfast as soon as Im be good!!! what the craziness now..
afterthought it maybe because I had no slept last night, even I got that damn sleeping tablet in to my stomach, it was middle of!! by that time I got crawl down to the floor doing push up, I put my feet on the bed while doing that bed exercise,, incase if my cat fit enough, I rather play with her than doing this stupid exercise!!
however I felt more happier after the " pills" and gets over active again,,jumping over on the bed repeatdly, I even get excited brushing my teeth..almost brush it to drop out from my gum..
the things always seem happy and great afterwards,,,,,,I got my coffee and apple as brealkfast..weird?!! I thought it's better than a bowl of oatmeal and a dash of vinegar on top ( it was I made for yesterday)
I also couldn't stop I ate too much sweet, chips and..uuhmm..and ingored the water..!!
beside that weird appetite, I had a damn funny book from da dog { the catcher in the rye }he visit me when I was in hospital, dude came with a very small puppy doll on hand and cheese cake!! he says" this's very famous book, coz the guys who are made a shot John F Kennedy and John lennon to die,are had this book in their pocket!!
Cool..I just took a glance on them ( what can I do being ties up on hand, feet and chest) my mouth even not allowed to ate..poor me so lukcy for my sister..she's got that cheese cake for me..baaah!!! it took me a week to get my witty brain back.uuhhmm.. I thought that Iam a sunshine orr..something smart likes!! LOL!!
by the way this book really worth to read on, it's such a crazness......laugh my ass off and almost spit my lung out..!!! I get er..hiper active?!! in fact i still got so many bull shit to spit....but there's no more time!! I means time to shut up....beepp out!!!
P.S" the next time I'll have this book in my handbag when I make decision to bang a shot to somebody die.. as my sis insist if I should give that Goerge Bush big bang bang!! so I could be the angel :0 uh-uh what the grand if I shot the others JOHN to die...should be grand news!!

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