Thursday, September 01, 2005

you can call me " the damn snobbish bitch!!!

There's a guy got pissed off by my bullshitting..( he's a ex BF most lousy one) just last week I got to answer his call and telling about suicide issue and I'd bang bang on his little small head by telling I maybe his murderer!! the reason that Im giving up to pretend as a nice ex GF and fooling on friendship matter, it's no way to be friend as he'd keeping bugs me like a hell ( since broke up last year) he used to mumble or even yelled on my voice mail..asking " why I don't hear his call..( he means call me up for kind of fuck )"why I couldn't to meet for lunch ( he means have fuck after lunch) or coffee ( he means fuck after the coffee )and why he not allowed to give me a good visit at my place..( he means give me a good fuck at my place) it's a thousand of fucking "why!!! what the heck I should care about those! Okay, we ain't enemy, and I didn't hates you in person, but we ain't a friends neither!! Man, we couldn't be a friend if you always brings up the past!! what the great idea you think if I going to meeting and listening to the history about the past...there's no body need those kind of "explainations" it's was expiried almost 2 years...I hates those lousy cheese........
"Man, it has been ages since I told you that I deserve for a better things sit around a listen to your shitty bussy stories.. and I thought you were die so that's the reason you weren't give me that fucking phone calls, for damn e mail..okay, it was a very long time a go..and it's doesn't make a fucking matter for me neither..
and Im kind of depressed, and about on suicide issue lately, althought.I don't want to kill you but if you ain't get your nose off by now, I probably going to kill you!!
so you,,call me the snobbish bitch?!
" yeah you were right, Im such kind of damn bitch.........damn snobbish bitch!! who's need that dick if I could get on my fake dicks..cekk..ceekss....


Anonymous said...

OK, I understood this one. :) Hey, when are you going to send me all of the photos you took? -- Mr. Charming.

@bee said...

Dear Mr. Charming,that's Grand!!
you got me eventually!!" know I was madly busy on my own lately, should be free soon!!
uhhm..the truth is Im on games about somebody wanting somebody! :"0( jokes)
Im gonna send you those llousy pics ASAP!! incase you said, you'll marry me, isn't?! kisses!! take my words!!