Saturday, October 22, 2005

dealing over the curious things.

the 1st stupid curiousty:
still no period yet!! i got itchy to know what was happen down there, so i got to testing few drop of my pee and got negative answer...... fucked, i should know it should be negative, there's noway for a women to get pregant without the thing called "SPERM" fuck!! wasting the times n money.....

the 2nd stupid curiousty:
still no idea what went wrong with my brain and thought i need more consultation so i got to "moon" the tarrort reader..i knew this reader last years on october or so..Im not remember as well.. she still remember what was going on that year. I was there talking with her and nowaday I comes with the same problems still the same person with asking for different solutions! sound silly..uhhm..shame maybe but at very least i felt better and got my badass power on again..
moon always talk about possitive thinking, this's what i want to hear, and afterthought she's a proffesional on her own, as my friends also will looking for her sometimes when we got on sucks season..hey ya know what I got ?! this's always bitter on the possitve side but always the right option to choice for..
oh yeah..i do also had cindy, michelle n my dearie sister company, aahh also steve...
the bitter feeling still have some remain in my vein but anyways this's all i want to dealing off with. no matter how and what will happen soon, i still hopes to be friend with the bitter maker..
life was complicated enough why should we make it with the bitter things?? lossing was a stupid things too...why cant we stay peace?

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