Friday, October 21, 2005

Let's Face it and Stop the breakout.

Goshy!! I thought i had made a boner by spoiled myself and hurt somebody feelings. and there's still a bitter feeling remains in my memorries and some breakout on my heart.
afterthought, I won't let those badness screw my ass. I'll have my brand new minded, get rid the bitter memories and just let the sweetest remains here.
Arrgg,, It wasn't easy to do, but it's seem the only option. i had to push myself to get rid the breakout at very least have to stop its.

Im going to dealing and face those bloody days. and I know I'll get over it, as friends told me I had the badass power..the badder one, hehhee. what the hell,, the girls power are outdate and nowadyas the badass power are works..Yiipiiee..!!
thought it has pretty long time I didn't went to hunting or doing any exciting things which will blow ego up and turn it's very on. so i decided to give in tonight. with my fellows ladies company...Yeah,,the girls will come and help me to stop the breakout!!! I do really so lucky to having thems around me. peace ;)p sshhhss... they gonna hunting a cute guy for me to seduction with..hehhehehee no kidding.
Luv all of you, you know who you are!! I don't have to mentions all you're name one by one. let's kick the ass!!!
I just have this pic upload here.(Anita.Michelle,me and cecilia @ edge. LKF. ) but there still bunches of you hiding behind the sceen.. give those goddamn supports. to all my pussy friends and dick buddies peace again ;)p .. I love all of you!! proud around you are!!


Fools Win said...

You are all super hotties!! Okay, so I fall in love easily... go e-z on me!

@bee said...

uhhmm,,ya such a nice, but very mysterious!!gonna kick at ya at once. peace!!

Mister Hand said...

Thanks for linking to my site! And thanks for being such super-DUPER hotties! And thanks for giving me something to smile about every day!

@bee said...

mister hand, thank's to smiling at my freaks!! and thank's to read how im pissed off!! :) peace!