Thursday, October 20, 2005

I was drunk, I was weak, I was sick but I wasnt a loser.

Ho Ho Ho.. Im okay! I'll be okay!! Im feeling better at this moment... Im not going to airport on friday, Im changed my mind!!
Uhhmm.. Im always change, unstable , unpredictable so called " ma fun"!! this morning my mood was like shit, after blogging , tearing, 2 short Chivas on the rock I felt more better.
I'd got to visit my dear susan for dinner and we'd talk so many shits happened between us and I felt better afterwards.
after the very long shitty day, and told many bullshitting by this moment I got to know that I can take all the shit and make it through out the rain and should be find my smilling face again.
recently I was so annoyed on my posting, there's maybe give a pain on the somebody ass!! uhhmm..not sure how many ass got pain over those posting but I didn't meant to do all the shit. Im a terrible, very selfish on my own. by the way I wasn't clear what I talk about and what I want to annoying about, I even don't understood what I feel about.
but I was so clear there's my dog always will help and keep eyes on me!!
Dear dog, ya know what I mean, ya know im a good girl as I used to listen to ya music, ya wisdom, ya advice and ya know what I mean, ya know me and if ya dont get me ya going to muri. Im sick but I'll survive and I should to know how to survive. I was so weak but I wasnt a loser and I know ya hates the loser..Luv ya!! hopes to see ya on airport on coming friday!!!
Yoo Gals!! I also so lucky to having ya'all here to give me a good damn support, help me out from the shits.. I love all of you and I wont give a fucking care to the morons who's judge our friendship as a lesbian.
for the gals who's TB, don't let the morons pisses on our friendship yah!! uhmm..seem Im getting drunk again..another whisky please...

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