Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Letter To Sir D.

I just want my picture back but it's ruins all the pretty..
I just want you to know that I still loving you even thought I do also hates you!! you gave me a lesson and I want to say thank you, you had made my rainbow days and now only the blue but I still love in you.
you told me to forget you, you told you cause nothing but misery and it wasn't all the true.. even misery but I can't stop to loving you..I hopes I do really really hopes I'll have all my strong back and forget about you.
I hopes there's a medicine could help me to get over and forget all the beauty memorries between me and you. my eyes couldn't stop tearing whenever those sweetest things playing over on my head..How could this happen to me?? Im going to leave this city the reason is you, Im went to that island the reason is you..
but I hates to admit that I love you.. I hates found out that my heart just in your hand but your heart wasn't there!!! my could this happen to me? don't you want replay the sweest memorries again?? aaahh Im trying to understand, there's maybe nothing special for you to remember about me, but my stubborn heart just dont want to understand.. you just not that into to me!! it's shame on me still being a cries baby on my own... is it my tears just ruins our ship??
still you remember the promise about bali?? Can you remember your promise?, would you take your words come true..
just wishing will see you again one day in mylife time in bali.. no matter what about you and what about me! taake care and always the best I wish for you, I know the career things is your goal..I wishing all the best for you..almost always all the best for your career!!

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