Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Reason

Finally I have to leave, I don't know when I will back . I may be won't back here.
Im weak but my stubborness covering all the real of me. Im fragille, I hates to admit this is a truth. I hates to believe the weakness. I just trying to be tough, I wanna to be strong, the more I tried the more hurts I get, the more part of me chip down, fallen into a goddess!!
loving another human make me sick, I could feel almost how fragile I am!! I can feel the nighmare, loving another human cause me much of misery memorries, it's just between the heaven and hell. and I get used into hell, I had learnt and suffered how to get my heart back from hell hole... and avoid the same thing happen again.. goddamn me, I always back to the same hole again and again...........
Im weak and tired to be tough, Im give up wanna be strong, Im give up on my stubborn heart, Im give up to the loving someone and i become a heartless......How could this happen to me??
I just want get my heart back but Im so weak and no guts to move to reaching my hand out into the dark..

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