Tuesday, October 18, 2005

me: a sensitive fucker!!

am I really that sensitive?? yes!! fucking sensitive recently,..my sexual life was sucks as hell, no fuck , no suck!!!anyhow just wanna say fucking thank you so much to whom always bitching on my sexual life,,thank ya and fuck ya!!ya have to watch ya mouth, bite ya tounge or I wont hold my breathe to typing fucking rude words on my replies!!judgemental morons should gets fucking out from my zone..fucking off please...or I'll take action to kicking ya morons dick head off and roll in to the hell.....GETS FUCKING OUT OFF MY BACK!!! DONT DISTURB MY VAGINA!!! LET MY VAGINA CHOICE WHAT SHE WANT: DICK or LABIA OK mah??


@bee said...

huh?? that moron got my point and request to "talk about it" what da fuck ya think ya are? fuck off from my way..i had goddamn fucking many things to do..
ya better back off n dont move this i used to told ya!!

@bee said...

huh,, I got an another msg today.
he wanted to disscus over it..what the bitch boy!!
::dear Ms bee,every time you free speak about sex,but i just speak for little only you already very
angry,i beliave you are kidding me about your sex style,so why it's imposible for me to make joke
about my sex.so why we aren't be grow up accept
every single thing differences.so why if we have
problem let's we talk.discuss.i know you also make my name very bad image,specially to your
friend SIN, di. i dont know why that stupid girl
send me bullshit messege.so the poin is.you tell me about your joke so why i can't tell my joke to you. Ms bee.please forgive me if my messege give you headache.but my meant just like
your.only make big story. seru-seruan aja.i hope
you can understand.i believe you already seen many caracter of many man,so .....
well, i guess that SIN di must be CINDY right? ( very impolite when ya wrong spell somebody name )
what the hell she thought about you wasn't my business ok? i dont fucking care what the hell going
on with YOU,ok? beside me and cindy had better things to do than sat down and gossip around you.
the reason is neither of me nor cindy knew about you so why we have to do that silly things about you?
i do had no idea what i had told to you over my sexual stories?? what you gonna judge over me if you seen i got hugs n kissed the guys instead of the girls??
anyhow i wont give a damn care over your judgement so you better shut up and get off from my back, dont bitching over my stuffs again, you know what i meant
if you dont get me, here is the clue..GET YOUR PERVERT ASS TAKE A LOOK AT MY BLOG..and please understand my name is IVY, well I dont have mood to be friendly with you and try to remember I
didnt ever since told you about my SEX, never even my real friends..so back off and dont move or i'll give you fucking rude over you!!and there's no ones care about you and your~~. stop.

PS. althought the timing very wrong since my mood really in the hell.