Wednesday, October 26, 2005

dress up your dick.

Lovely..Cute, should be nice to see that!! would you guys, give your pretty dick dress up like this?? just drop me a line if you interesting to have one ..gals......any idea to have one for your BF??


Mister Hand said...

I would love to dress mine up in one of these--if you'll do the undressing.

That's two comments in a row where I got to talk about my dick!


Mister Hand said...

Are those REAL penises in those pictures? Anybody you know?

@bee said...

Ohh Mr.hand I should to know that you should be interesting over these lovely stuffs :D and I should tutor you how to dress its as well as on yours..surely!
I thought one of them are real stuff, did you see the hair on that blue one?!!

Mister Hand said...


Yes, it seems real.


Sorry. I only like to look at mine.

@bee said...

Don't that snotty Mr.hand!!

Anonymous said...

I love to dress up my dick! Have a look at my tumblr blog for a 100% real cock dressed up: