Friday, October 28, 2005

gets shit!

Fuck!!one of my shits fellow has sent me this fucking funny link.. fuck!! I gets so fucking funny when i check it out..wanna try? give here a click then!!Im dare you are..Im dare you!!!

fucking bored....................fuck!! fucking bore me almost die..huh..i got myself really fucking bored here!! fuck! as I browse over to checking ticklestapeworm blog to find out that A man killed by a horse due to that horse has a big cock.. opss.!!
but shame on me, silly me there's no idea how to seaching over that hundred thousand posting Arrghh!!! and Im just a godamn impatient person suuckkk.. instead to checking out the video, I was stucked myself over the penelope!! she/he is a hot stuffs fucking hot!!! Gee..I was so silly when I thought she only make a shit on my blog and some others blog. huh what the fucking asswhore, she's really hot by drop the shits whenever she want..aah the funny is she had drop a nice shit comment on my blog on the other day, and that just drove me wondering" what the fuck going on with that hottie" cool!! now i got the clue..uhmm even thought i was a bit outdate..aah not I was goddamn outdate come i missed so many shits..!!! fuck why i always regret on the past?? fuck!!! lord should be know..why!! fuck!! sound like loser eh?? fuck ed me, I better going on crazy rather than being a loser..FUCK!!
cool i have to blog more and bitch more to the others blog!! blogging is very least no one will give me a god damn weird eye glance and stare at my face, when im went typing this foul shits...shit!!! I do really feel full of shit!!
by the way I still curious that horse and the big cock..any help please?? I meant the video boo...

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