Saturday, October 29, 2005

what's up bee?? I had period come..HUrrayy!

eeh.. got kinda question..uhm greeting over and over!!what are you doing bee?! *choke* uhhmm nothing!! yeah just doing nothing expect sleep, ate, playing and chatted with steve, internet, browsing porn site!! bitching the other bloggers blog, chatting with friends!! (only friend, no strangers allowed)
speaking about chatting, I wanted to say thank you to my Indonesian fellows chatter, they're chat like a bunches of madmen and help me got my period come!! hohooh...there are bunches of thems chatting in bahasa in a same window and we used to talk alot of shit and laughing like a crazy, almost laugh our asses off!! cool! I was laugh like a mad woman and got cramp on my tummy!! goshy, I was laugh my cat to bleed hehhee.. that's cool too!! no kidding, I do really had bleeding while chatting with them this evening.. hohoho, no more itchiness about" where the hell that " period" going is that" cool!!

some guys asking how come I just had my day went with just doing nothing. Oh c'mon, though I'll have this lazy ass to work as soon as possible, but i dont know when it will be.. I was damn lazy at this moment but i'll have my ass work till off again as soon as possible but I don't know when is that..eek!! sooner or later, take my word, it's damn me for granted! normally I'll just working as busy as asshole, like the usually I am..

I also got a question about my ex hubby!! (as I move in stay in my ex hubby place and I gonna stay here for few weeks untl my flight on coming monday and I also went to my friends home to stay over night some other nights) the question was like " 1. has he even try to get into my pant? " and " 2. do we still having sex by any chance? ". okay for the 1st answer is "YES!! he think about it , he tried to got it.. and he got my high heels kicking on his ass!! boohoos! I have my attitude, Im about my rules..and the 2nd answer is : NOOO...WAY!! Im too snotty, extremely stubborn and it's killed him and his member..hohoohhoo..!!
me and exes just about friendship and friend cant be mess up with the sexual things...

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