Monday, October 17, 2005

Im a lesbian,bisexual or straight??

Yowsa..I got an msg from a guy a never met,never chatted with,, I had zero hints about him but i got so funny,, he know every lines about me!! especially my sexual life, he knews all the lines about me!! he bitching every on my sexual life!!
he used to sound likes to judge me as below:

"WOH i am surprise, know about that,but it's your way,your live style.However maybe you never make love with a man.I belive it more delicious,plesure.and exciting.Maybe you start bore fucking a girl,with use sex toy.So that's way you thingking for fucking a man.When i have seen your foto,drinking,dancing.or wild party.i never thingk that you are lesbian.why you very afraid that you can't make a man satisfie?so you choose a girl.maybe i can teach you how make sex with a man that you can make forget a girl forever.Evee be when do you start fucking man??? so prepare that you will getting stik is not getting hole.but play threesome is more better you geting man so people start to thinking that you sick.even i haven't married but my experience about sex is completely perfect.thank evee be i also like sex more than you.hahahahah.seriously..

me*rolling eyes* hahahaa on what? thanks me what? Im not sucking ya dick what a pervert dick head!! Yuck!!!

Yooo.. does any girls has been fuck with me?? or anyone out there wanna try to lick my labia?? no need to worries about the cat always clean-shaved as well...uuhmm,, ya have to pay more attention on my clit,,I'll like its sucking but gentle also my nipple please..................let's playing lesbian games ba!!(kidding)really only joking..don't want scare my buddies to die!!
ya girls know what I am!! up to now no one has askto me to lick ya pussy so why?? how he got so freaks on the pic??
and I thought we should behave as a fucking good girl,,no wild,sexy and hug or kiss again..
ho ho ho..I never doing anything for his ass but he says thanks to me?? ho ho ho morons head!!!
well just wondering what his ass look like..does any hole there?? ass + hole..!! althought I had one asshole already and i dont want another asshole!! uhm yeah,,i also had my vagina hole!! nose hole, ear hole, pore!! too many holes..and Im going to fuck that US army dick tonight..
Hey Mr.know at all : ya can ask him how I'd rock his bed and his dick!! YOWSAAA....

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