Monday, October 17, 2005

marijuana night

goshy!! Im still itchy on the period matter, its still stuck into somewhere, hasn't show up yet!! aah,, but it doesnt matter at all,im fucking goddamn sure that i wasnt about pregnancy at all, none even had a drop of sperm drop into my ovary!!
uhhm..i couldn't find any nice dick with a great sperm to having baby for, beside that it's much difficulties to stealing some from them!! althought it because i become more picky than ever, no kidding!!
I wanted Qwailoo baby it's true, but i become that goddamn picky, pick on the qualities..bla bla bla!!
by the way i just about on day dream, i had no guts to tells the guys that I wanted their sperm and those guys seem more smart than before, they're fucking careful when it come about their sperms..and on the other hand, how to raise that qwailoo baby?? pregnancy idea really just kidding, what the slummer badass, (me) being a mother can do for raise the baby!! so this's just a bullshit as I found out that I was bored myself almost to my own death by living here in yuen long N.T..and had nothing to do and nothing i wanted to do..Bah!!
for any sake, I'll have some marijuana tonight, ghost I was bored as hell here!!! pls come take me out to the town la...
opss..i also goddamn complicated too, I had refuse the guys who's come to date me out. yoo.. life really complicated, i used to complain and rejected.. for any sake I'll have marijuana instead of having sex!!
i also missed the war games.. just bitching on the book,magazine,bed,food and diet coke!!
and I hates my doctor and the medicines, it's drove me fat like pig!! i heard marijuana could help..


Mr. Charming said...

I'd love to do some chronic with ya Bee. mmmmm, then maybe play with your kitty.

@bee said...

yeeehaa..I'll grab my air ticket and flight over into your bed with my cat bask on your arms..hihihiii thank's for ya support mmwah..