Wednesday, October 05, 2005

it just a little crushed..??

"Why Does The World Goes With Cruels...Why Does The Men So Hard To Please.. Do They Care Is The End Of The World...argg..I Just Mean The Bomber In Bali jahmah..
Then What About The Horny Thing? None Of Your Bussines If You Aint The One Make It just ShutUp!! ..
What The Fuck
but very.. very very ones has stopping by to help me solve the horny problem, by the way its ain't a big deal, Horny won't kill me ba!! Oh yeah Im still alive and doing my day pretty well by slept along the day times..YUm YUm..
Oh~huh~ being a single really sucks..I mean when you get into the horny things and no GF/BF get around.. that's so sucks and pretty itchy things !!
beside the horny things I'd set up the another blog about my journey to bali last july, althought it was just a tinny shit I got typing there..but I thought the background was so blink-blink does it to much blink-blink??, check out here lar~ and give me some stupid opinion..hehehheeee
P.S=this is the great way to killing that horny urge ( I hates masturbrate myself )

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