Wednesday, October 05, 2005


well.. recently everytime I went to internet, i got a bit annoyed on the link, which always sound like:HOW TO ATTRACT MR.RIGHT AND AVOID MR.WRONG..CLICK HERE FREE TIPS!! its looks fucking attractive really, no kidding I was driving by curiosities and give its a goddamn click!! then...I didn't even give its a damn glance,nor even one alphabet neither..I just need the link to putting here.!".fucked me, i don't need those phonies TIPS at all..especially it's for FREE, huh!! who else doesn't know how to attract the men ehmm? the MR.RIGHT? what the heck MR.RIGHT is that?! I became so sarcastic about HOW TO ATTRACTIVE TO THE MEN.. why should we? why should we waste the pretty and times to ATTRACT the MR.RIGHT and that goddamn MR.RIGHT DEFINITELY WAS NOT INTO why?! it doent mean we have to waiting and wanting but..have you ever get on silly thought that" MEN ARE HARD TO PLEASE WITH.. when you ernt to pursue that MR.RIGHT, those days was just felt like it not?
men are just a simple creature as women... wasn't that fucking complicated ba!!
why should avoid the MR.WRONG if we can get fun and laugh loudly with thems!!
whether MR.RIGHT OR MR.WRONG as long you can laugh and enjoy your times with..
even an asshole he willing to be not asshole anymore.. just put your value as well and let those men attract you la.. what the heck with the MR.RIGHT if he doesn't even care to make you laugh or..and buy you nice dinner, treat you nice and let him pursue toward with affectionately then let him bask on your breast..
don't waste the pretty,witty,times and breathe for that MR.RIGHT lar~~

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