Thursday, October 06, 2005

QUIZ: What's your party-girl style?

Click the link and find out what the heck you are..
I got Mine as well as i had that Mostly Bs:
Cool and cruisingYou are the most easygoing party guest around. Please come to our next one! Going with the flow is your thing and if the party isn't pumping, you're happy simply hanging out with your friends that are there. Sometimes though, it doesn't hurt to put a little effort into the whole party thing — dressing up doesn't have to mean tight, uncomfortable clothes and stilettos. Just do it once in a while (we know how hard it is to kick the jeans-and-sneakers habit). Scour our Fashion Top 5 for inspiration for your next party outfit. The only problem might be that you'll start to get addicted to the compliments!

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