Thursday, October 06, 2005

Suss out your Sex and the City

Heyy..Quiz again!!! click here how sexy you are in sex & the city

Mine Total Score: 15: 10 - 15 : You're most like MirandaYou're the ultimate power babe, and you dress to suitImage hosted by in pared down, no frou-frou pieces. You're smart, straightforward, and sexy. When you talk, everyone listens - because your instincts are usually right on the money. Work on being a little less critical of boyfriends' and girlfriends' less-than-perfect behaviour, and they'll be even more inclined to take your star advice.

Your ultimate date: Hot debate at your local Thai restaurant, wearing well-cut pants and a satin wraparound top.Image hosted by

Your signature style: Corporate chic - on the conservative side but with a hint of sexiness for going out.Image hosted by

Your fave movie: When Harry Met Sally.Image hosted by

Your typical work-out: Treadmill or kickboxing.Image hosted by

Your dating persona: Nurturing with a control-freak streak.Image hosted by

Your idea of foreplay: Phone sexImage hosted by

Your Love Match: A supportive guy who isn't intimidated by your power - he always looks neat but doesn't venture far beyond jeans and a plain shirt.Image hosted by

opinion: Nearly, Very Close, Almost There, take my boys and the buddies words, for granted.. But I hates the suitThere's no way to put me into that suit,,I prefer dress like carrie!!


Mr. Charming said...

I think you page has gotten a bit too complicated. Things flashing, blinking, changing everywhere.

Simplify Bee!

@bee said...

Arrgg..Darrell!!I cut off those flashing already la, then I just will keep blink my eyes on you hot stuffs!! LOL! :-)