Monday, October 24, 2005

the unbelieveable letter to God

I was on unbeliveable lazy!! then I found an unbelieveable letter from a mister hand to his god, even thought he doesn't even believe that God was there.. UNBELIEVEABLE!
so goddamn unbeliveable there are 143 comments (including of mine) what the god damn shits!! and I was proud to be those commentators ho ho ho... so i wanted to sharing so don't be shy to bitching more on this unbelieveable letter an open letter to god from mister hand...
ho ho ho.. I do had mine sent to God but he haven't got his Godass to replies me.. so?? I do really dissapointed over his behavior.. this's a reason why I don't want to give him a damn care anymore, i can't take his attitude, it's something arrogant..what the shit!!
and i do had no idea why do i put those dog head here!! aarrgghh.. it just a little crushed..well what the heck im gonna tells..happy unhappy halloween, unbelieveable, totally shit!


@bee said...

Im lazy such like the dog shit! unbeliveable shit!!..would i ever grow like this shit!!

Mister Hand said...

Hi, babe! Thanks for the link, but it doesn't work! :(

Here's the article.


Here's the URL:

@bee said...

Ohh. I didn't *realized* it doesn't work, *wink-wink*you see?im such a biggest shit today ho ho.. :P, i got it fixed already.