Thursday, October 13, 2005

what about today ah? what i had today?

i had myself slept over 20 hours!! had my lousy body got up eventually, it was about afternoon, then went to susan give her a good visit, got those HTML,XHTML,CSS,MANDARIN books to library for renewal and return and I got $45 penalty. (those shits should be return on 30 september but i didnt do it so..??!! I DESERVE ITS!!
...then went to dymocks for nice the book, I got that "STUPID WHITE MEN!though its a grand book!! this book should be for laugh the butt off likes!

..then went to the friendly place for a very nice dinner!although that beef curry was so so and the waiters also so so but the companions of my fellows was nice and friendly!! Im loving every minutes of it!
..then went to movie,we'd get on Myth by Jackie Chan!! and the story was really mythical at all..uhmm, I can't says it was SUCKS but it really nothing shock, nothing special just like the title MYTH..aaaaahhhhhhhhh......but once again the companions was nice,friendly and Im loving it!!

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