Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What I'd done last night

1. me and buddies went to clubbing @ EDGE, there's a shit rave music was playing over and over.. WTF, after 2am we decided to move on to other club, we got to Cavern, club ING,and finally got our ass at xxx club I don't remember the name!!{the one next to the carniege's) at wanchai.

2. at Edge i just got few drops CHivas + green tea. the girls was pretended like my doctor, always the alcohol away, what the real bitches..(jokes) but finally i had my ass drink 2 bottle of beers eventually ( coz at that time those bitches was got dealing on the drunk things so they had no power to control me..he he he!! lucky me! dancing like madmen,, burn all the calorie so the next day i'll be on that nice shape bee again...YYeehhaa!!

3.I had kissed a baby boy front of the bouncers and they are all just goggled the eyes on and boohhoos..( they're got jeaoulsy on him la )!! this boy was just came over after his football games. he got to the club just wanted to see me at once..he he he..cute boy( he was only 19 yrs old ) then he left..

4. i got my voice goddamn sexy by shouting repeatdly over the DJs and the Singers.( i thought it was over or too much coz i couldnt speak loudly now..WTF!!

5. i got to steve(my son) home at 6:00am and I had forgot the keys so I just dialing his home number to wake him up and open the door for me!
i was too sleepy ( i didn't even felt drunk or anything over the alcohol} i got wrong number to another Steve.. LOL!! and he really wanted to open his flat door for me if I felt right to come over on his..
however my little Steve had woke up and let me got into his bedroom and got into his computer to posting these shit..

6. Tonight Party was about Argg.. met 4 guys and 1 girl from friendster.com. Im so blissful by met up new buddies... lucky me!! and coming sunday i will have my badass about on WAR GAMES with the another baby boy(I knew this boy by friendster.com (again) and I haven't meet him up yet and he was about on 18 yrs old) in lantau island.
things going so nice i have to buy that "carno" stuffs and he will lead me how to get its and borrow me the games gear..(gun) and tutor me how to shot the asshole by the gun.
Nice boy isn't?

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@bee said...

Aahh,, one of the party fellows has told me the name of that wanchai club, it was called " FENWICK",,uh all i can tells the clubbers was so sexual hunger,
but the band was absolutely HOT!!!