Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ya.. masturbrate? 70% they had it!

Did You know:
the percentance of Hong Kong women had masturbrated themeselves is : 70%
the young girl reguraly get on masturbrate are about : 50%
what the poor babes..
so what the heck about the HongKong boys and guys had done then?? masturbrate too or just hook up with the overseas women?!]
so what about the Overseas guys then? they also hook up with the overseas women too?

i hates to admits i go on masturbrate too,,but very seldom coz i hates to playing alone like a stupid and i hates to hunting the guys too..be frankly to tells it should be a piece of cake if i want a guy and just have the sex thing with but I was that goddamn greedy badass.
I want his sex, his love and his relationship, I want to be his!! but on the other hand i also felt so creepy about it.. im afraid going to be needy, sappy, likes crazy in love to someone!! and he going take me for granted...Oh sucks!
although my sexual life was fucking complicated at all but I rather than took the sleeping pills than have that masturbrate things!! I also that creepy minded if my kitty going to be lion likes..OMG!!

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