Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Life In Jakarta# FUCK The Terrorists!'s the great news I got, there's a nasty rumour spread in this lame city!! it was a horrible SMS sound like they are going to kill all the chinese born indonesia and all the chinese women will be rape by those morons until the DIE!! so Great and so Fuck !! what the Grand mother fuckers!! yeah what the fuck, if the reason they says was about the god, yeah they are swears in the name of their GOD! fuck the crazy assholes!!chicken hearted asshole swearing to kills in the name of GOD, fuck!! Arrgh, there's no option for me, sisters and all the others Indonesian born chinese to avoid this nasty minded peoples mess around our life!! We were grow up here, even our grand parents was born here, so what the fuck we gonna do to protect our life?? It’s so shame isn’t? if the government seem doesn’t give a damn care!! If we are all can move in other country, if we are all such a fucking rich, we wont like to gambling our lousy life here!! Fuck!!
All I can do just praying on myself, since Im not believe in GOD, only me in my family not into the GOD stuff, though my mom and bro are christian as well, my Dad known his palm reading and his belief, sisters are into just believe myself and my bullshitting.
Althought the rumours and terrorist really scared our ass off, but my ass still can make a fart out like a jokes over the rape rumour!! I was likes: Okay Guys, you are all welcome to rape me a sexy chimese chick, you are morons dick will caugh up the AIDS virus through my vein..fuck me to die and you gonna gets on die too..fuck you!!! Hehheheheh!!!
Ho ho hooo… my sisters still laughs over my bullshitting though, we are not a tough daddy girls but what the fuck we can do then?? Aahh.. here’s a great idea, we gonna pretending as a moeslem women by put on the headgear, which can covering our face and body, so no ones that believe on that crazy god will rape us..hehhehhe fucking good isn’t?? yeaah..should be fucking funny yet fucking hot..I meant the weather fucking hot man!!!! What you think when the weather was about 40 dregree and you stupid cunts still have to covering yourself like mad….FUCK!!!!!
I swears in the name of ghost, dare to FUCK ME AND CAUGH UP THE GODDAMN AIDS….fuck you !!!


Mr. Charming said...

Please be safe Bee! and stay away from those fanatical religious assholes.

Mister Hand said...

I'm glad you're out there fighting the good fight, Bee! Don't ever stop!

twolf1920 said...

Tahnks Mister Hand for letting us know about Bees site-Kick their asses Bee!

@bee said...

Mr.Charming, Great support, thank's I'll keep my ass stay alive and breathe well!! :P

Mister hand, I hopes they won't rape me!! even if they do they surely will gets pain on theirs dick hehhehe!! no worries, i can be so snotty and ugly! :D

twolf, thank's to drop here!! terrorist asses are great pratice my sidekick!! stay peace alls!!