Monday, November 14, 2005

My Life In Jakarta# Still Safe

Holla..Im still alive!! there's still no terrorist get on my pussy yet..hehehhe!! hopes here's just an biggest bullshit on the kills and rape rumours..
beside the horrible rumours I was getting well here!
good food, good sleep, good laughs and good relationship with my family!!So Grand!
during 3 weeks living like a princess, I had few pounds gained on my body weight, hence my mom suggest me to started on gym by today..damn damn, never thought my mom will treat me like the damn yummy food and afterwards call me fat and kick me into the gym centre..what the greatness motherhood isn't?! anyhow I get on the deal now, workout hard or pig out hard...ewwhh!! so here Im gonna lose few pounds of fat..........
beside the good food make me so fat, here's also latest thing much I did everyday.. goggled on TV..yeah! the things that I hates when Im in HK are about wasting time front of TV {expect on the news} I hates almost all thee TV show..damn me! now I also can found out my favorite shows, Im get laugh like a terrorist on That 70's Show and Joey..and Mtv!!!.........
Uhmm as I mention to get BF or even marry since my mom wants a new son inlaw from me hehhehe!! but according to my dad, he'd reading over on my palm lines and saying that Im not allowed to have any Bf until the next chinese lunar new year, means there's no date, no BF, no hubby until the end of january..damn dam,damn ,, come?? I have to staying single until next year.....Goshy!

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