Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Life In Jakarta# Now I can Survive

Went to Fitness centre today, workout like a mad woman again, huh, seem I can't escape from that workout program coz my mom such as a good mother, she keeping bugging me about my body shape it was blown like a pig, yikes! though mom was about a big lies but what the hell when I get on the scale and glance at the mirror, there's really a pig staring back at me. ewwwh..So Pig..
anyways there's also so fun workout with all the guys..they are wasn't a cute stuff but that body quite nice to goggle while the nasty machines and they are such great companionable with..thank's mom to suggest me that damn NICE Place to hanging for..thank you mom!!

Last night was bored as hell at home, get on the TV and stuck on the " Sleepers". it's a grand violate movie though, I used to like kinda movie, all about violation movie. I hates when the boys been rape and by their guards but I gets so excited when one of those violators has been killed when the boys are grown enough to take a nasty revenge, the grand is when they pick up a gun, shot onto the balls ..ho ho ho, kinda nasty but really funny when saw that lovley balls was explode away......
P.S for my buddies that I left in HK, I Missed you guys so much!!! and for my internet buddies and admires I do actualy missed you a bitch!!
wish all the safe for me yah, hopes I can survive more!! cheersss......

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