Friday, December 09, 2005

Bush Nighmare on the Board

George W.Bush !! for me he's just a white american guy! and being a "president" he was too cute to taking on this grand job!
uhhmm ..well, talking about this cute guy and his cute stuff!! always almost makes people gets blast on their you think this lovely Bush was about a nighmare?! and how many peoples really think this Bush was stupid as hell? as I's run my eyes reading on "white Stupid Men" and uhhm here's really something"bushy" on his butt!! and well, here is the goddamn wicked truth from mister about that,this and ..and this.. and I eventualy get more clear view about this Bush Nighmare thing! thank's to mister hand!! click here for more wicked wacky truth and the cute images too! but I prefer put this naked Bush image here!! this is grand! this's sexiest pic, I though! and I wish I could get myself to shoot kinda pic..!! Gee.. Im become to fans fanaticaly over his stuffs!

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