Wednesday, December 14, 2005

bloody masturbrating madness day!

oh well, I bet you guys wondering what my life going, especially that "sexual life" as some of them are asking me straigh on my nose, how Im survive over on the alcohol matter and the sex matter, as I had putting myself known as a alcoholic yet also big interesting on sex knowledge, remembered that my breakfast what about " one glass of red wine" but hey! here's Indonesia and my mom are around so it wasn't a nice idea to having drink at home or even went off to bar, Im always on my paranoid minded that I could be get on violate if I dare myself for few drink, so I better trying to control the alcohol addict on my vein and hey, it's work pretty well, as I arrived since 2 month ago, I didn't drink any drop of wine,beer,cocktail, huh! I had no alcohol drink until I get on my plane.. well, instead I used to ignored eating the " nasty food" I prefered to order few glass of vodka orange. I felt pretty good to have some alcohol into my stomach and got pretty drunk when Im off from the plane!! that's life!! Im get on no alcohol life!
and about the sexual things.. Im definetely single so there's always almost no chance for me to get on the sex matter, neither have chance to have self-service at home.. once again my mom always almost around me, huh.. when I can get she off from my back..nah! I just kidding to get my mom off, though she's always look after my needs!!
and you guys could imagine what the hell going on my sexual life too, it was sucksss... as hell!! oh well, what about the guys around me? uhhmm.. since 1st of December and it was the world AIDS days, I swear over on a boyfriend perhaps a husband that I will have sex with.. !! no sex, no masturbrate allowed at home so how to bring the" horny" problem out? oh well, I did it at the public place! my greatness plans to sercive myself is when I finished swimming at the shower room.. it's always a great orgasm came after swimming for over three hours.. gee I felt totaly exhausted and my face always blushes when Im step out from the shower room.. uh.. I hopes there's no ones has put their ear on the wall.. I'd hopes that I didn't make any noisy and disturb others swimmer..
and there's no wonder why Im attended regurally to swimming pool than that fitness centre.. and my sisters also wondering what turn me so on over the swimming matter.. hush.. they don't know my secret yet..
here's my bloody masturbrating days has begin..and I can also get my body shape back from recently pigout! hoo-ha!


Mister Hand said...

Are you still there? How's it going? Still missing you.

Mister Hand said...


@bee said...

Nah!!Thank's To God,There's No Goddamn Bomb with those Goddamn Terrorists messing around me! Merry Christmas, hopes you're happier blogger ever!