Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Happy New Year Resolutions!!

Cant believe that I have to say bye bye to 2005, a dream almost come true year!! work hard, puked more hard!! but there's till hundred thousand things not done yet!! still thing have to fuck up with, but helll, Im such fucking excited on my upcoming 29!!
oh and here's the new year coming!! still have myself to wonder, what the next plans, what the next dream, could I make my dream come true??! I think so!! I know I can be that dream come true person! see my bali journey?? see the ex boyfriend list?? ( they're cute) see much of my wish are on my acrhievement list!!!.......... IT'S TRUE!! I HAD MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!! so now.. after the lazy-period!! still I on my evey new year resolution.!!!!
What do I really want from your life? do I sure? How do I know? What makes my mouth water? What makes me sweat? Do I want it????! Oh YES!!! I want be bold, be bad on my way!
If I find my badness, I’ll never need anything but accomplices!!
here my new year to do list:
be more Fearless,
be more passionate,
be more rebel,
be an independent thinker,
be the anti-phony things,
be more satisfied, no more self -spoiled,
be myself,
be the queen bee of myself. Be a bad-ass, be a bad girl, the BADDER one!!!
Being a bad girl is rock!!!
Yes! Get more happy hour!!
Yes! Get Lots of Sex!
Yes! More Gloat and More YES!
Yes! Life Balance!!
Yes! Get Confidence!!
Stop working as a good girl and start working as a bad-ass!
Stop making the same old stupid mistakes and start making the new ones!
Stop buying the dumb latest mobile phone and start buying the smart vibrator!
Stop dating the crap guys and start dating the cute ones!!
If there’s no a pretty dick then there should be a new huge didlo!!
Ask me shame?? What’s that?!!!

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