Monday, December 26, 2005

Thank’s Giving Me A Dog ! Am I Happy Enough?

Huh.. Im not on that happy feeling!! How to be happy if mom and dad still on the fire eh?? Well, it seem they are won’t be friendly each other until…..they jump in to the bed!! And having their wine and cake to eat.. !! I know they haven’t make it yet.. I hope as soon as possible! And althought it’s just a silly misunterstood…
Im thinking it’s when will Dad be nice going to smooth Mom! Or why Mom just trying to firlt on Dad?? If they did at least I can have my Yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner as usually!! Damned me! I hate myself coz I always thinking about EAT and Eat…shit me out!! What the grand if I just had slice of white bread with water..I got Puked if My mom wasn’t around! Poor me!!
Then Mom get me ate " STEWED SHARK WITH THE GINGER " It’s soo.. fishy and hot!! Uhmm.. also some greens… Yuck!! Dad could you please just help me? I think you guy also suffering on the food isn’t? Oh my Oh.. I want my yummy food back!! And my parent get they funny, laughing days back!!

And if they stop the cold fight, our home become more lively and the little dog are won’t afraid to bark, and talk!!!
Have you hear the dog talk?????!!! They are hot, todays dog are training to sing and talk as well.
That Siaw Chun and Siaw Pai absolutely a hot singer too..!!
Am I sound cheesy?? About the Dog stories? you better believe my words!! Im rarely tell lie! God Damn Me if you not believe me!! You Know Im very least Im a real female..

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