Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Too Bored My Butt Hurts!

Boy!!! I can't help myself too feel any better nah!!!... all I wanted is just goggle over on your real pic, but I wasn't on the sexy mood anyway, but, why..why my butt still felt so hurt??!!! Boy, I was I happened about thinking too much?? Was I just miss you too much??!! Boy, how should I do now?? !!!
When you willing taking care of me just like these " Gentleman" look after their "cute member"!!! Boy, You know I do really thinking " how to cares your cute stuff"
Boy!!!! I do really miss you like hell, that like my butt always soo hurts..anyway Im still waiting for you reply!!! in case if you happen to know why my butt always hurt, I mean if you know!!!

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