Thursday, January 12, 2006

You Don't want make a fart with me, Do you?

This is my kid sister and I went to mad women shopping yesterday!!!
She was soo cool, though, she got plenty of dough from her “not too rich boyfriend “for buying the stuffs for this Chinese new year!! What the Grand Boyfriend she’s about! Bitch, Was I sort of jealous now?! “ YES!!! I felt bad for that even just a little bit, I mean really, I wasn’t that really jealous at all, I really wasn’t jealous too much for her and her new outfit, I mean a bunch of new outfit, mini skirt, shoes and the other stuffs.. Bitch, was I think too much now.. I can tell the truth if you want to know the truth” Three of them are about dating “not too rich boyfriend”!! I mean, Three of my younger sisters, They do got quite many of dough from their “ not too rich boyfriend”!! it got me something to think anyway and I felt pretty jealous sometimes. But not this time!!
This time was different though, I also have my new outfit this time and I also got my big brother pass me few bucks for my bills too, my “ not too rich big brother” he’s my financial support presently, well, he’s paid 2 pair shoes last week, mini skirt last two week!! If you want know the truth, Not too bad, I thought!!! Gee, was I sound something “Greedy-minded now?! I don’t give a damn if he was poor like hell, I mean if he running out of money, I won’t asking him taking care of my bills anyway. But he’s kind of “gentleman” who’s won’t let his younger sister down coz no dough for new outfit, especially me, I do really depressed myself like a mad woman if I happen to no shopping therapy once a week!!! No kidding, I do really need that “shop till drop” moment..
Speaking about shopping, many of the girls would like to invited me to join them when they got to buying the things, I’m kind of sexy when I went to buy the things, you know something like “ great sense of fashion, I used comment like “ Yikess!! What the grand crumb ass now!! I’m not too afraid too knock your feeling out of to the hell by tells the true!! And I have a very sharp tongue, when it happen to argue, complain, fight the salesman out to the hell, scared them off!!! This is also why the girls always happy with my company, but I had no idea what the Boys would think about my habit, thought, I didn’t get into a Boy’s shopping manner, though and I used to not complain too much when I went out with the boys, though, the moment too sweet and shouldn’t bother the
hell out of me!! Besides these boys was too cute to watch the nasty argument, I went quite cruel when it happen to debate somebody off, pretty nasty if you want to know the truth, but I did it once and you guess what? He’d run like a crazy man to his car..Oppss!!
it’s killed me!! So, I swear to all the Bitches in the world, I won’t show my sharp tongue when I was with the guy!!! Never again………………!!
Let’s get return about my sister again, we went really crazy to spend all the dough, for almost 6 hours we’re giggling and laughing like a “real mad woman”!! it was damn fun, sort of chaos has always happened!!
Speaking about Chaos, it was a cute top on sale! My sister went really mad about this stuff, me either was killed by that lovely stuff. Its about a 60% on discount so she brought its without second though and paid the bill as fast as her heart beat..she’s very passionate person. Very hot person!! But the problem is that salesgirl, sell the nasty-broken stuff. It’s not only the top, but also the shoes was broken like shit!! And the most chaos was about my sister didn’t get her ass to checking the stuffs before paid and leave the shop, neither I though, I was think that she should make it by herself and beside that I was too busy on my own too.. But, the luck still with us, I got the chance to help her to check the next stuff she buy in the other shop, and that’s drove her mind miles away about the “lovely top and the shoes”!! she shock herself out to the hell when she got her eye goggling at the broken stuffs she just purchased with..

Sister: God!! What should we do with these rubbish now?
Me: “what you think?? We should get its change, even gets the dough back!!
Sister: but, you know no ones will let us to do this “ silly returning”!! not even we crying like babies!
Me: Yeaahh, not when we are cry like a crazy baby!!
Sister: what?? What the hell you going to do by saying about “crazy”??
Me: ya get your ass watch out how the badass like me get what I want, baby girl, you have to learn more!! So cut the fart and let’s have your dough back!!
We get in that “silly shop” without any trouble!!
The second I get in I started begging that sales girl, I was very polite ( and phony too) and patiently when she ignored me like I am a “ stinky bastard” she won’t look at my face and seeming can’t wait to kick my ass out from the shop and it’s drove me more a little bit nervous!! Although I do myself acting like a “ real lady” with this very touchy voice to beg them to get those rubbish change to the good quality ones, but they ignored me and starting talking like a bitch.. and I felt so depressed, why they can be that nasty!!!
Me: would you please be wise to take a look at the stuff? it’s can be a priceless thing, you know? I would glad if you can help me by any chance, very thank you, please…( I
Sales girl: I am sorry, but all the discount items are like this quality, because they are broke so we sell them like this and on the other hand all the stuffs are no refund allowed.
Me: okay, so this is the company rules, right?
Sales girl: yes!!
Me: so you can’t help me, alright, may I have your boss number? I don’t want disturb you anyway, but I just don’t understand about your explaining beside that I can’t see any notice about the discount items should be something broken, priceless rubbish?! Is it something cheating on your costumer, am I right? ( I standing there without move any step, on the other hand other shopper starting to listening what the hell I complain about. At the same time I felt very nervous on my head )
Sales girl: but.. butt.. this is the rules!! Blaaa..blaa..
Me: cut the fart off darling, let’s have it to me, the number of your boss or my money!!!
Sales girl” okay if it all you want, here’s you money!!
Me: Thank you, darling!!! ( I was kind of phony thing when I was satisfied on something)
That sales girl didn’t felt right to reply me, she must be sick the hell out on me and wanted to voodoo me out to the hell hole!! Well, who’s care anyway?!! I just want my sister got her dough back, that’s all I wanted!! I wasn’t mean to knock anything out!!

Get back to my sister, well, I bet she must very satisfied with me browse her around the mall, she didn’t think that I can be that real “fighter”!! Oh, C’mon darling, this is just drive me crazy about myself..Huh, I’m kind of mad in love with myself when I’ve hear those praise words..hehehhee..
we’ve got ourselves food and drink too, and we can’t stopping talking about the cute stuffs we wanted to buy for the next event!!!!
Can’t believe I did my ass typing this fucking crazy long post this time!!!
By the way, the person that I adore is my “not too rich big brother”!! he’s a damn good guy, beside that both of us was still proud ourselves as “ a cute single” and been phony as hell telling everybody we met that we enjoy our single life very muchWhat the biggest phonies he and I was about… well, we just try to Cheers ourselves up soo…Say it Louder Bro!!! CHhhreeeess!!!

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