Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fuck!! How Heck I like my days!!

fucking hillarius day with fucking funny posts!! first is, I want to fart out about how glad I am about this tapeworm has found out that penelope on the blog stuff, again!!that's killed me, like I've miss about her or him all the times !! I mean the person who's behind the blog stuff !! I'd check and read them for hours!! but I didn't put any comment for the owner, thought I was too coward too leave any comment on its!! I wasn't interested as hell about that penelope stuff!!! but the way that tapeworm told about that stuff was killed my curiousity!!speaking about tapeworm, he's kind of the guy you don't want to make a mess with!! he sound like " pain in the ass " and I bet my boobs off, you will have his finger stabbing right there in your ass if you happen to spoil his mood!! God, this is why I like about him and his " not too lousy post"!! he and his girlfriend"carrie" absolutely the person you don't want to mess up with, there are bunch of human I don't want to make mess up with, boy, was my cowardness is going to killing my badness? I don't know if I ever gave somebody pain in the ass, but I always admire on somebody badness!! being bad is like a hero!! and it's rock and I thought, carrie kind of rock star I want to write letter with, want to ask her if all the boyfriend things was something about like"pussy"Image hosted by
the second is mister hand, he talks something like politic today!! Boy, was I missed those filthy stuff, !!!
nearly entirely of me was adore them like a very real mad woman, theirs words and all was about all the foul language they'd talks about was always drive me laugh like a moron and I laugh more insane and louder even madder on the each FUCK they'd type on it , I can't help myself to off, even when bunches of rubbernecks ( those peoples in the net cafe I used to get in with ) will give me this very cold glance always almost mean to ask me " SHUT UP, Bitch!! this is why I also sort of hated thems too..!!Image hosted by
here I also thinking about charming and I also sort of hate him too, and jon, and danny and james!! the last person I even never meet yet, I was a stranger for him, but I knew all the things about him!! he's a father of the baby in my..........


Tickles_Tapeworm said...

Thank you for the kind words, Bee. That really means something. Be sure to stay tuned in for the whole penelope events, because I have a feeling things will be getting interesting in the coming months. If you ever stop by the PNW, carrie and I will get you stoned ;)

carrie said...

HAHAHAHA!!! tapeworm says until I run into someone who keeps it realer. then I'm fucked huh?

we'll see.. :p

@bee said... guys just a HOT!