Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Finding Nemo!

Noo.. I supposed myself to finding someone named "Roger"! so Roger, where are you now?! Boy, he's supposed to be here in Indonesia, enjoy vacation with me, alright?!! I wasn’t mad, sad and all but " where the hell are you, anyway??! Am I sound like mad or angry now?? I wasn’t in the mood to hate about. I really am, I tell all the truth, here nobody’s hates or kills somebody, alright! but, hey!! Where the hell are you at anyway?
Nah.. Roger, I supposed you were here, reading my blog and thinking to give me a buzz, even thought, I probably will just ignore you, I’m a very, very snotty person, you already know!!! but you don't have too, I wouldn't give a damn if you do it so it's up to You, Roger?? Or should I call him another name? Or Names??!! I don’t know if I ever know him, I mean, I had no idea whether he was ever exist or just he's just one of those guys who's lived in my fantasy,!! Well, I’d thinking a lots and had many guys in my " dating fantasy"!! I was a dreamer and sometimes i just don't know if the things was true or just dream.. something like De javu!!
I also no idea what you would his face look like!!( I never had a chance to force him show me some photo of his in person )
So who are you really??! so far it almost 4 months Im about this long-long crazy vacation and he still nowhere to show up yet!! and I have bunch of rubbernecks bugging me like a madmen, when I blows some stories up about this Roger baby" I got friends ask me, sisters ask me, mom and dad ask me, even two of those little dogs has barking like hell and wanted to know!! "who is that Roger and what he look like, exactly??
Okay, Roger is a guy, I believe he is male, a man, a boy, a guy!! And he call himself as Roger Smith what….( I don’t remembered his family name, thought I wasn’t in the mood when he told me, that day)
I know him, one day when he holler me through internet chatting stuff ( yahoo messenger! alright)! He was always almost everyday drop by to say hello to me.,. what the nice person he was!! I wasn’t kidding, but he really sort impressed me by always buzz me up.. I can just impressed by that stuffs. And the funny part was he always wanted to know what I wore, things like " do I have my panty on, or what kind of panty I had, the color of them, do I have my bra too, what size of my lovely boobs! And something about my sexual life too!! As I remembered he rarely asking " did he bore me " do I hates over his curiousity about my personal stuffs and all. He also rarely ask me" do I had my lunch or any funny things has happen on my days.. no kidding he’s really a big good guy!! In a very good way though..All he get about excited as hell when I happened to tell him what he wanted to know about, you know kind of the panties, bras, was interested the hell out of him.. no kidding! He really a very funny guy and all and he's completely madly in love with me!! hahhahaa.. I think he was!!
The funniest thing is he wanted to join me ( visit me ) somewhere in indonesia. I told him about I will stay in Indonesia for another 6 months, what I doing was about something like "vacation"!!
He’s got damn excited to see me and he didn’t sound like a bastard at all..
I could tell he wasn’t a bastard by the stuffs he used to told me before I went off to the plane..at very least he didn’t sound like the "stinky ones"!! No, I wasn’t mean Roger is a bastard and all, I just felt sort of worried about his safe! Some horrible things may be happened on him, he was like disappear, gone to somewhere… he may be get lost when he off from plane..!! God, he may be just took the wrong plane and get lost somewhere in africa..!!! well, Roger it’s all the things you are about I just can say: "God Bless you then!! Am I sound something like phony?! I hopes I wasn’t too embarassing myself out by telling about this not too bastard Roger story here!! Was that Roger fault?! Or was I just too nice?
But I actually had myself puked during this typing and posting up moment!! Yikeess… I have to keep on mind that "jon" always remind me to stay away from the bastard.. but Jon this is not my fault if I happened to be na├»ve thinking sometimes!!

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