Monday, February 20, 2006

It's all about kitty cat.

My Cat, she got an accident when I help her shaving..Just last week! man, she was bleeding and all..Image hosting by Photobucket poor cat!! I supposed not to give any help hand coz I was a bit drunk that day and it wasn't my idea too, it has been ages I didn't do a shave for her though since I broke up with my boy and since that I didn't felt right to touch her, poor kitty cat!! but I do my best to taking care of her, only no shave and not allowed her to fooling around too.. but someone said "guys prefer a clean shaven cat" either, so I did that stupid shaved right after a few shot on vodka orange phhwee..Image hosting by Photobucket

Jesus Christ, I almost kill my cat and myself too ..but she's just fine and danddy now but I still felt sort of sorry for her anyway,to prove how sorry I was.. I went to shopping mall and get her a toy.. just yesterday when me and my girl friends comes up with an idea about new toy for our pet!!!
I paid for few buck for that cute santaclaus kitty cat toy.. and I did to show her last night but she just seem not interesting, no excited at all.. damn it!! I should to know!!

I was like " Man, what is went wrong with you or this toy? why you don't like him? I mean that cute santaclaus toy!! doesn't he just lovely with those red colour and all the christmass stuff on!

she was just " MIIAAOOowwwwww......., Miaaooowww...

I should know she won't like a stuff like this.. so I just put that poor new toy away somewhere in my cabinet.. Huh!!! I dont feel right to keep that stuff for any long time though, maybe will give it to other cat owner, huh!! Naughty cat, just wasted my times and my money..!!!
however, I was soo excited to give her a good time again lar.. so I am going to give her a clean, smooth shave again. coz I also brough a new razor, a bottle shave foam and after shave la la la..
and also a bottle shower cream for her too..let's have that shaving now .he he hee..!Image hosting by Photobucket


x0r said...

skyscraper, i love you.

@bee said...

Ha ha!! Love that clean-shaven cat ehh?!

Mr. Charming said...

Oh Bee, I'll be happy to sit your kitty for you when you come visit.

@bee said...

La la la!! Charming, You're soo sweet though kitty cat will be fine sitting by you Sir, :p