Tuesday, February 21, 2006

my stomach full with coffee and alcohol and puked!

Mother, You guess what I ate these days?! since I get back in HK and leaving your kitchen last two weeks ago!! all right, mother maybe no idea what kind of food I have about....well, it was a big different compare to the stuffs you make for me at those past few months, when I was in your charge! what I have was like ..uhmm let's talk about what I have for my breakfast..here!
Ha! I don't have any stupid breakfast here!! what I just missed them though.. I mean too late for breakfast so I prefer a brunch.... Brunch was goes very well with drink and food.. I used to have a glass of orange juice or grape juice with dash of vodka and ice topping on top.. yum yum.. I like to make them strong..so I keeping pour more vodka and more vodka.. Ha ha ha.. Image hosting by Photobucketit's a time to get drunk again...and also will have a slice of toast with a slice of chesse melted on the top.. it was quite yummy sometimes.. ..

and the rest of the day will be like a few cup of coffee and chocolate and and whisky and cigarette!! and sometimes my stomach will go crazy and sick and fight me even harder Image hosting by Photobucketfight over with all the stuff I get in and finally I have to puke a bit to make it a bit better la... Mother I just miss you.. Image hosting by Photobucket one day I maybe just will laying on the street like that kitty cat..!! poor kitty cat!! me and my poor kitty cat was laying on the street.. or on the bed.. me and my kitty cat!!


Tickles_Tapeworm said...

coffee makes me feel all icky inside. i get jittery after drinking it.

@bee said...

Damn right, damn right!! this is why you don't drink coffee!! fuck that jittery, damn right!!damn right!