Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Holy Calls.

You know what? I didn't sleep last night! it was a guy keeping dialing my phone number since 12 am until 5am.. You know why? he was looking for someone and it wasn't me though.. and it's about 16 missed calls when I checked my phone this morning.. Image hosting by PhotobucketGod, what wrong with this guy? but he wasn't looking for me anyway! the problem is I was too nervous to pick up the phone yet too coward to return his call.. God, all the missed calls was really scared the hell out of me!!

Remembered on last weekday also a guy from Kuala Lumpur had buzz me up at 2am!! and the conversation was like:
Me : " Yeah, who is this? ( mumbling )
Guy: " this is xxx from kuala lumpur" ( he was very excited, I bet)
Me: " oh, hey!! what time it is? God, already 2am..wwooaa ( groaning and yawn )
Guy: " Yeah, same 2am in Kuala Lumpur too ( he's very excited, I bet he was overexcited)
Guy: "are you asleep?
Me: " yes..
Guy: " so ivy how's the life going over there?
( thought I drive him crazy, he went to totally insane)
Me: " do you mind to call me back tomorrow morning?
Guy: " Ooh.. okay, sorry to wake you up! ( you bet he wasn't a crazy?)
Me: " never mind, good night!!
My godness what the hell now, I can't sleep for the rest of the night.... though the craziest person is me......I didn't put on sleeping pills for fucking long time lar.. damned, I can't shut downImage hosting by Photobucket Shit, I just want to sleep!!!

You know what?? Now Im soo nervous when someone ring me up. I was shaking like a idiot!! and I was soo confused myself" Do I have to answer the call??? Image hosting by Photobucket the hell is I hardly to sleep well afterwards! Boy, I was scared as hell, when my mobile ringing at middle of night.. when I was asleep.. uhmm when I was trying to put myself to sleep!! I hate....... when my phone ringing!!

So it was always few of rubberneck wanted to talk to me badly! and they can't even have their brain to think to ring me up at the right moment, you know, you can't call somebody up at the midnight, even you want to talk to her/him soo bad, you should to know that person should be ready in the bed but these peoples who is soo into about talk to me doesn't mind about the point.. that I have to sleep at night too..Image hosting by Photobucket !! crazy!!
you know why? coz they are crazy about me! oh better say that I am the one drove them go crazy so blame on me! all my fault!
okay, fine so this is all my fault when someone asking my phone number and I told but I just want to be nice and polite!!

remebered once upon a time when I was discuss this madness to Jon and you know what? it set me and Jon into a serious argue and that stupid topic really upset either of us.. I was told him about a guy name Ali who always call me up all the times, no kidding almost 20 missed call always shown on my mobile memories!! damned, 20 missed calls a day.. you bet how crazy he was. I mean that Ali!

this Ali boy was the most evil one, he was keeping bugging me like I just raping his virginity..Silly!! he was crying like a pussy and wanted me to marry him.. in fact I was just met this boy at once and it was in a LIBRARY when he asked me how to operate the stuff in that goddamn library!!huh, I was too friendly though when he ask me my number I just tell him.. I though he must be cool, God, he was only 19 years old.. and he likes to crying like my son..!! trying to imagine!!
and he was also wanted to talk to my son too.. crazy!!! you know what? of course my eleven years doesn't want talk to a cries shit like Ali.. and he doesn't want to have a step dad that always cry his eyes ball out..!! You bet my son 10 times more calm and charm than every boy in his age!!
I was fucked up being a nice, humble and helpfull, friendly person, Man, it wasn't worth and there ain't fun!! you know what? I have to changed my mobile number.. for all the shit reason. damnImage hosting by Photobucket
P.S Im soo sorry if I did ever breaking your heart!!!!

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