Thursday, March 02, 2006

Buy Yourself a Didlo Bike

I was drink and drunk and cry like a goddamn bastard Last night, you know why? I felt soo desperate after post up that FIND YOURSELF A GOOD FUCK was someone birthday yesterday!! I thought he is something like a boyfriend and fuck buddy! no kidding he was really awesome and always almost done his job very well..and he is soo cute and sometime I just can't get over about he have to leaving...!!coz there's something left here is a missing feeling..and I cried nearly to die last night, you know why? Iam still care about it's his 33 birthday so mean his dick also on 33 birthday too! Man, I have a feeling to care!! my cat maybe will not give a damn care for his dick birthday but my feeling will...and want too, Man, I can't cheat myself and my evil heart.. Im fucked up!! " shit Im just not cool enough..

so if that BEEN THERE advice HURT HEART to find herself a good fuck buddy without to have that affection for that man and only want to sleep with his dick, it's a trully evil advice, as I know we can control our cat and make her happy. but our feeling?? who can tell?Image hosting by Photobucket
for anyone who said a fuck buddy is a solution to solve your sexual matter, it's a big lie.. I advice to have one night stand lover, trust me! your feeling dont have to dealing with one night stand lover..or get yourself a vibrator, didlo, etc, etc!
and since my cat didn't like to play with a toy I brought for her so I was thinking she maybe will happy if i could afford a bike like this
I got this stuff from my sister and she got it from Ben..thank's you guys just get me better and I was excited and think this is should be helluva fun eh? Image hosting by Photobucketbut the problem is I don't know how to bike..Image hosting by Photobucket


Ben said...

I think the static bike version will come up very soon. Will solve your problem la.. kekekek

@bee said...

Kekekeee..!! are u gonna give help? about the donation for me?!

Mr. Charming said...

Once you learn how to ride one, you never forget.

@bee said...

Uhmm.. Charming would you teach me? :p can't wait to visit you then.