Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Find Yourself a GOOD fuck buddy. Savage Love part #2

This letter from a girl name Been There for Hurt Heart:
Bravo on your choice to see other men after being in a relationship that dates back to high school. You outgrew it, recognized it, and you have taken the next step: getting involved with a loser who has issues that you will never be able to help him with. Lesson learned. Now go out and have at least one -night stand. Be safe, but do it. screw him silly. then date some assholes- a whole string of them. do just enough people so that your heart and your brain are not so young that a man can "whip" you just by looking you in the eye while he screws you. Then find yourself a good fuck buddy. keep him for a year. once your sexual needs are being met on a regular basis, you will be better able to make judgements about who is wrong or right for you. Then dump the fuck buddy- unless you new guy is cool with that, and in that case: GREAT JOB! oh, and make sure the sex buddy is someone really hot, but just wrong enough for you that you will not fall in love no matter how hot it gets.
Once you have done all of the above, HH, you might be in the right frame of mind to go out and find a fulfilling, real, adult relationship. Good luck sister!-Been There.

above letter really gets me something to plans and go about.. "A GOOD FUCK BUDDY" I mean "A VERY GOOD FUCK BUDDY"Image hosting by Photobucket and make sure that I only will fancy HIS DICK.. and his knowledge, you know something like Kamasutra, if there's biology there should be SEXOLOGY too..but would be it rude if I tell that I only fancy and love to hang out with his dick??Image hosting by Photobucket
I can't wait to have one lar....Image hosting by Photobucket or two.. or more lar............!! HA HA!!! soo excited about the idea now...


Mr. Charming said...

Oh Bee, you are so out there sometimes.

@bee said... maybe right!