Monday, March 20, 2006

I thought Im pregnant but I think Im not

last night, it was only me, alone, laying on sofa and watching The Desperate Housewive season two..with a full glass of Rum coke company and plenty of snacks!! Huh, I used to make my own drink quite strong it's hit me more lively and kicking within minute!! Great, I got a helluva kick and shit!
The CD I got last night it was about Gabbrielle got pregnant and it was got me something in the head though I was a bit drunk, it's something tickle on my head. I was like " Oohh Fuck!!
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the second thought is I was in the bathroom, I shot a pee onto the pregnancy test stick!! and waiting for the rest of the night.. I was waiting the result!!
you guess what?? Im too drunk to understand why I should do that test..!! not even remember where did I put my bra and why I had no panty on last night!! Where is my brain gone??..damnit, must be that wicked cow stealing my brain off!! Ughhh....shit,shit..holy shit what the hell going on in my uterus I had no hint about and how that shit tangle in my head, then the evil thought about having a BABY!! Gosh I even had no idea how to raise up myself!!and last night I was thinking to raise up a baby.. a big issue.. a baby issue
Okay, Fine! They are fuckin cute and adorable and 11 years ago,I already had one!Image hosting by Photobucket
and I knew what is feel like.. AAaaggggrrrrrrhh hear me screaming a nightmare!! Aaarrgghhhh..! arrghhh


BJo said...

Don't get pregnant (at least for another 2 or 3 years.. haha...), who is going to help to take care your new nephew or niece...? kekeke...

Mr. Charming said...

Don't you have to have sex in order to get pregnant?

@bee said...

Haha!! I just curious why my period always late on the other hand just help my sister to prove that she was normal and the preganancy test she bought was a crap!

@bee said...

Oh Ben, C'mon you know my family history, we had couple terrorist twins at home and bunch of twins cousin blah..blah blah.. you think that i and your wife can take care twin babies?!like Lynette in Desperate housewive? Oh My godness!