Friday, April 21, 2006

Foul For Rad & I Do Really Need Marijuana Tonight

19th April 2006.1:25am
View from My Bed Room.suddenly I felt so out of nowhere.
I decide to get down to the playground

2:03 am

and I fuckin pissed Off, Why? what the matter?
Seriously. I had no fucking idea why.

Huh.. I am really fuckin smoking..wasn't I?
yeah.. rad!! hottie..

God, I love this shit..I felt like on self-seeking
wondering if I could got a pinch of Marijuana

I was alone enjoying this great View in The Playground.
what the terrible loner I was..

... 3:55am
the last shot before got to home after 1 pack goddamn cigarette
and one bottle lemon diet coke. God, I feeling so much better.

got to home, turn on the computer, it was Bernie talk to me in YM totally foul!! once a time I got harassment message from myspace and he'd help me to axe those twisted balls spammer. I do really felt great after typing a tons of foul words here and there...See I am a nice girl still there a lots human like talk to me and help me up.. I really deserve something nice and sweet, wasn't I ?


Mr. Charming said...

I know it is bad for you, but you look hot when you are smoking. I've got some good chronic for us when you come visit me in San Francisco

@bee said...

haha :D You got to keep it more longer and wait for me.. you'll like me smoke in person =) more seductive!! lol

x0r said...

i really love this post... i mean, i really think it's great. very creative, very photo-journalistic, but poetic too. it captures your feeling at that period of time very well.

@bee said...

Yeah..creative!! I've been told I got such a talented at so many thing in so many way =) fek my head become more bigger and hugely than ever LOL.
by the way FEK is mean SHIT in German.. eek not sure in German/Dutch/Swiss.. Argg STUPID AMNESIA SHIT!!