Saturday, April 01, 2006

sentimentality fuck!!

It's going to be a week to remember, for several reasons. First off, on Tuesday, the 4th, conversational Mercury in sentimental Pisces will slip into a lovely, easy relationship with Jupiter, who never fails to expand the energies of any planet he gets close to. In short, you'll be chatting up a storm -- straight from the heart -- for days. Better warn your dear ones.
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Then, speaking of sentimental, the very next day, loving Venus will tiptoe into Pisces, and we'll all feel a lot more like snuggling than we have in some time. On the 7th, though, be careful not to let a petty little argument come between you two -- no matter who you're with or what the issue is. It definitely won't be worth it, Bee, and you'll both regret it.
No Fuck, No Regret.. I just want to Kills..fuck loving ugly venus!!
why must fuck into ugly pisces??
Kill..chop into hundred pieces..
I want to destroy something live! chop into piece..


x0r said...

oh god! it's like my blog now! haha!
somehow, i can relate quite well with this feeling bee. patience and don't kill anyone that would get in trouble trouble for. :P

@bee said...

One cockroach murdered that night!Miiaooww.. Yeah it was I felt that day, mad like hell, but I get over it now..:D! Ha! Fuckin moody and silly I was..

P.S thx for talk shit to me! :p

x0r said...

it's good to get pissed the fuck off!!!
what do planets know?! knowing is up to humans, or at least... trying to know.
we will talk shit more often... sucks i got sick.

@bee said...

suck my Shits are fucked up..Ho Ha!!hahaa..!

you are loved,you'll be fine.