Sunday, April 02, 2006

Soo Much Better..

Work ain't hard, Kinda funny many naughty stories now and there..

ehhmm.. I saw rainbow today...I got a picture mail its say" you are loved"

here is once again what doesn't kill you will make you stronger!!!!

I am at work.. on night shift tonight!! pretty exciting though..

........more love later..honey!


x0r said...

sometimes a person is very angry and wants to destroy; sometimes a person is very happy and wants to rebuild... but most of the time a person should feel alive, good and bad, and think about creation and progression and patience.
things are ok most of the time, which is hard to remember.

@bee said...

this is what we called alive,live, life!!human's life are complicated like hell, full of shit and yet still we have to eat its, it's soo nasty but what can we do?

I can quit if I want but I knew that God definitely will just kicking my fukin ass to hell, there is no heaven for a badass like me, coz I don't like Him much, Im kind of snotty while I never talk to Him nicely, I used to argue so He hate me.Im not going to quit anyway,
I love mylife than ever but I easly pissed off, upset, and go mad then I want to kills so I decided to destroy anything that move as long as not belong to me!! chop into pieces.. :P

I just got home, work night shift last night!! 24 hours no sleep, Im starting lost my wit or wondering if I ever have one!!
as I used to say.. let it fukin go, get fukin move on, then fuk it off..sometime go crazy is the good thing..
perhaps you won't got annoy about FCUK.. I felt much better after typing a lots FCUK..
Yeeaaahhhh... soo much better!! I will fukin great later.. I mean it!