Monday, April 03, 2006

Chop me Into Pieces I am still Cute ^_^ Ghost

I got this from.. shannon!! Ha ha haa...Yuet Fa!!Yuet Fa Fa see? Cute huh!! yuet fa mean moon flower..Ugh..weird name!! what's up with flower*sigh* also moon with flower.

I didn't sleep since I woke up on 2/4/06.. Sunday 2pm..Ghost not even feel sleepy.. Hell!! He Draw this for me after viewing my spooky panda eyes look through cam !!

once again: "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger"

friends always know you are loved!! Ghost I am soo lovely...Yeeahhh..!! seem I will staying up till late again..

more love later honey!!..


x0r said...

has your site always had this music? probably soo... i usually have the sound off on my computer. i think i have been missing out. i love this song!
glad you like the ghost... lol

@bee said...

Ha ha ha, thank's for the Ghost,its shown every where on my internet stuffs.. Im felt lonesome but relax when listen to this song, Sappy and silly like hell.. :D ( You know I am )