Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Grape for me..

Asian Grape Small but Tasty,Juicy, Watery, Sexy, Dark, Cripsy.

Today Lunch.. I got to DIET all the time and still Chubby all the time...........Hell, I supposed myself will DIE soon.

I went to bed last night after 3am. after staying up for 34 hours not even felt sleepy. Ghost, I remembered that I woke on sunday afternoon 2pm, got to work at night shift till monday morning and went to bed just on tuesday 3am but hell I love my days..

not too much shit tangle in my little head recently, I was like to keeping cursing like this .." we're not friends and we're won't become friends either. I enjoyed those time we got together but I will not wish you best" for a hundrend thousand times ever single day and night
( I got this from myspace bulletin original from a friend*addressed for his girl* and it says I wish you best)

but mine was like this: " I WILL NOT WISH YOU BEST, never ever! wish you go fuckin hell and have the best fuckin hell shits in the fuckin hellhole forever!! very brutal huh? phheww... but it's work, it's heal my fuckin silly heart, my mood are fine after this silly curses, I know, I sound fuckin mean, fuckin ruthless bitch, full of shit and who care anyway???
whatever make me feel right honey.. You got break my fuckin lovely heart!! and I couldn't find the lovely side of me back, so here and now I am like this a heartless silly bitch =)
I haven't deal about vodoo yet,! maybe make you a deal later..

all right lunch done, I got to run to work now..

...... more love later honey.............

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