Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Slept With Ghost.. Just Last Night

I am at work to work on morning shift. it's no supprised that I can woke up this early morning coz I didn't slept..
I want to thank's God and I think Jesus does really loves me, He'd protect me from a demon last night. you couldn't believe what happened to me last night. it was fucking spooky than ever..

it was Susan ask me to sleep over, because she got several nightmare since last saturday night. she was dreaming about being raped/sexual abuse by a white guy and always the same person. she always screaming like hell also couldn't wake up unless her maid slap her.

and it's happened to me last night. that fuckin horny ghost tried to do the same thing to me, I am no kidding this is fucking real, I'd dream the same thing with susan, we couldn't move our body, it was like somebody pushing his weight on me. couldn't breathe well..till Susan scream and I woke up and grab my fucking crucifix and put its right on my chest for the rest of the night, it was around 3 am and I slept very well till this 7am morning while Susan still make the same dream and scream several times. the horrible thing is we can't staying awake... sleepy as hell, everybody slept like death but keeping mumble

it's soo weird I felt soo sleepy and doze easily, I even didn't take my sleeping pill last night, fucking weird..I slept like death body..
I am soo lucky I was a christian awhile and still got that lousy crucifix hanging on my mobile...

I thought I am really insane now..

....... more later..


x0r said...

my grandparents had this ghost living in one of their apartments. they don't really believe in these things, but it's hard not to WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU! anyway, this ghost of a 30-something dark, curly haired woman would start inhabiting one of the apartments if we wouldn't have anyone living in it for a while. it felt weird in your bones, like cold... sometimes a cold air would move or blow or whatever... doors would open and close. and no windows open or anything. my cousin and i saw her once. i freaked and ran like hell out of the apt... i still don't go in that apartment alone. i never will. i found out the story of who it is also... not a good story, obviously.
the end of my ghost story.

@bee said...

Yeaahh.. when it's happened you got to believe it..
kisses shannon!! I will not hate a male like you. :D even I have a date but I still thinking of you all the time.. :p ( very unfair for them huh )