Thursday, April 06, 2006

I hope I was not

Crrrraaazzzyyy......................................!!!! Fucking Insane now..
you maybe will not believe me about the ghost story neither do I, I wish it was just my fucking idiot brain set me up an fucking unfunny illusion to scare the shits out of me, but trust me, I am fucking sure and aware what the hell has happened last night.
actually before all of us (Susan, Maid, Jessy baby and I ) went to bed we did burning a Chinese gold and silver paper ( for the death) as one of my friend advice us ( she's know about this insane thing) supposed its work.. but its didn't work.. and the stuff that work is that CURCIFIX that I used hang it on as accessory for my mobile phone.. and it's help me.. its fucking help me...
remembered I threw all my christian stuff since Jesus and I got a huge argue back to past 6 months ago. I kept that lousy curcifix coz its kinda of expensive and beautifull stuff..

I am sooo damn pissed off, I got fever and cold since this morning.
and when I bitching to my colleague, she already knew about the ghost story of that apartment... because she was living there before.
the funny thing is all Susan's neighbours was already move out.. fucking shit huh?!! there are no one could stay longer than 2 months..

I am gonna to talk to pastor for help this evening....I bring Susan,Jessy and her babysitter with me to chucrh and stay with me tonight.

where is the fucking daddy now????!!! Can you just show your fucking dick for a little bit responsible.. FUCKKKK.... Fuckkk.. Fuck!! who's fault anyway??
I can't tell if I hate a male huma now...
but I think I am not and I hope I wont.
I got a dinner date tonight, but I told him to delay and he is just soo fucking understand to make it for supper.. yet he still sweet like hell... I thought I maybe will going to fall for this guy later.. if he still fucking nice and such understanding male..

.......... got to go now.... more love later...


x0r said...

Destroyer Babe... all i can say is YOU HAVE A DATE AND I DO NOT. so you win. sorry the ghost still has you feeling all fucked up. it's a freaky experience and takes a while to come to terms with.

sometimes i hate all female humans, so it's ok to hate things in huge catagories. it's the idea or concept that has you pissed off more than the actual individuals it may include (for example you hate all males, but you don't hate me i don't really think... maybe you do. even if so, that's ok too.. whatever...)

um... soo... GET PISSED OFF! but if people still want to date you, you must be doing something right 8)

@bee said...

Shannon. I don't hate a male like you :D
Yayy.. the ghost shit drove me mad and exhausted like like now. not able to work, not enough slept yet still go to date shit.

I think have to correct the DATE words and nothing has falling for him :p ( not my cup of tea ) what I had it's only one glass stella artois, a handfull peanuts and then got my friend and her baby and babysitter staying in hotel.. we had a good slept last night.
aahhh... it's good daddy show up some responsible and the bills was belong daddy now!!