Sunday, April 30, 2006

you may hate the smell of my shit and goddamnit still you enjoy breathe on it.. BAHAHahaa..YOU WEIRD PIE..

Today is a sad morning for me, I got to woke up on early sunday morning for WORK!! I even have to work at night till morning, Darn, how I hate that goddamn schedule it keeping change here and there like hell. but it doesn't matter now because this is the last day working there. I got a new job better than this. more stable and secure at paid but I kinda love current job anyway!! if you kow what I talk about.. this is the funny job I've ever work with.boss wasn't a badass, colleagues was also amazingly nice!!!!except one person... one of my colleague, she is extremely weird!! wasn't a nutcase She was like never will wore her shoes in the office, not even when she need to go to washroom and it's outside of our office!look at that blue sandal!! it's hers !! funny huh?!! not really though.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She will never sat on the chair! never, unless that boss get her to sit down therebut when that silly boss leave she will just standig up again.. she must be have a very strong legs though that able to standing for 7 hours in the office. not to count the rest of the hours in her life. actually I have no problem with her, I usually will just avoid conversation with, of course I did greeting her as nicely but not for a real conversation even when only me and her on duty like this morning.. she sucked me up!! as I remembered it was my first training day and we had a conversation like where do I live, what is my name and I was on training season.. the funny thing is she keeping repeatdly ask me the same question for the rest of week. I am no kidding she ask every single day for 5 working days.. me and other girls was like "Oh my godness!!" more funny is she only will introduce her name as a BEAUTIFUL GIRL AND SHE WAS LIVING SOMEWHERE IN HONG KONG!! I was like " Oh my Lord!!" no one ever knew what her name until the next two week.

and this morning was about 11:45am and like I inform her I got to the washroom for" pee and shit" she nodded so I took the key and log off the computer system and leave her alone there.
I thought it took me 3 minutes to pee and shit, usually I will only shitting at home where I could wipe and following washing my ass and cat up with " kitty cat liquid soap" so my boss, he used to suddenly changed my working schedule so my shitting schedule too!!
but it wasn't a big deal anyway! it took me five minutes to pee and shit and while I am about wipe my cute ass with a tons of toilet paper/ yeah a tons I almost done a roll of it, suddenly she*weird pie* get on that washroom door and knock it as hard as she could. look like she want to knock the door till bits and pieces!! my head was like brusting with questioning and sore like hell so I get that wipe ass business done as quickly as roughly here is my ass also sore like hell too and then I get the door open for her. she was standing there front of the door with bare foot and said:
she: "give me that key!!
me: who need? what key?
she" of course I am the want it.
me: " so? ain't you just come in now??
and I get into the toilet and continue my business * repeatdly wipe my ass troughly with a bunch of wet toilet paper and following by femine cleaner wiper cloth and the dry toilet paper* while she get in the another one and she comment about the toilet like this:
she: "hey, why is this toilet here stinky like this? do you know why?"
me: " what you think? and why you ask? didn't I told you I am here about get my shit out?
she: " but this morning wasn't stinky like this!"
me: " of course stinky, I just shitting and do you ever hear a good smell shit? just as good smell as a bunch of flower?? why you such an idiot?? you're so funny!! your question such a low IQ!! "
I get out from the toilet and she was still standing there with bare foot and staring at me while I am busily washing my hand with a lot soap and I really sore, especially my ass!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingit never treated such roughly.. darn idiot low IQ BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I keep washing my hands and she keep talk about shit.
she: " but shoudln't not stink like this! what you mean I am a low IQ person??"
me: "you're so fucking funny!! here is not a five star hotel washroom of course stinky like pee and shit, wasn't it so funny if you think this toilet will smell like a flower!! you're so fucking funny ain't you!!"
she: " but you could do double flush after pee and shit"
me: " you such an princess yet so fucking funny!! do you thing it should take few minutes to vanish it smell?? funny!!"
and I leave her with all my shit and pee..of course I did flush my stuffs and she should to know why the toilet stinky like hell!! however it look like she quite like my smell, BAHAHAHAAA.. she stay quite longer in that goddamn stinky washroom!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting while when I back to my deck and talk naughty no more sore!!


x0r said...

you know... i've never really been so interested in a story about shit or non-erotic biological functions before. but this... this i TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. O.o
we're all pretty honest in my family about the stuff too. like, "seriously, use the other bathroom" or "i'm sorry i have to poop in your bathroom all the time but my poop doesn't go down the other toilet and it's really a pain to poop in the other toilet[, sister]"
this woman in your story IS CERTAINLY A FUCKING IDIOT. first of all, cause she ISN'T WEARING ANY DAMN SHOES OR SOCKS IN THE DAMN BATHROOM?! that's just asking for trouble... that alone is appaling. so then she absolutely confirms her idiocy (yes, a person can really be an 'idiot'. it's what you call someone with an IQ below like 60 or something... above retarded, which is 30 or 40 and below, but still not quite 'smart'). um... so yeah. good post. it made me think, as you can tell.

@bee said...

Phheeww!!! thank's for the support!! it's really help me to face her =) LOL..