Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ching Ching And I Share My Bed!!

Lovely sandal from My Taiwanese
Colleague " Ching Ching"

A Pair Of Sandal For Me!! She Thank's Me For My kindeness
For Share My Bed For Her Last Night!!!
And She Already Get On Plane And Flight Back To Taipe


x0r said...

she is nice to give you cool flip-flops. did you both sleep naked? cause 1 hot naked asian chick is amazing, but 2! in the same bed! THAT'S UNBELIEVABLE...
um... 'that person' didn't come last night. imagine that. someone saying they are going to do something with/for me and then not doing it at the last minute after i get my hopes up... that would never ever ever happen to me. especially not a female. no female would do this to me... EXCEPT FOR EVERYSINGLE FUCKING ONE!!! GODDAMN CUNTS. EOL.

p.s.- i'm real happy/i'm real fucking stupid.

@bee said...

that's girl really suck eh?? perhaps you got a chance to give her a good lesson.. LOL!( in the bed) hahhaaa....
me and Ching Ching didn't do any action though she already warns don't thinking of RAPE her or she will report to boss and I'll get my horny ass fire..!! beside that she wore pyjama !! long sleevs, long pant.. so bitchy!